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While we're new to Wichita, you can feel confident that our team has the experience to exceed all of your expectations.



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Well Toto, it looks like we aren't in Kansas City anymore. In 2017, our company--Abbott Events--opened its doors to the wedding world. After five years, four venues and over 450 events hosted later, we decided it was time to expand the celebrations beyond Kansas City. 

It didn't take long for us to realize that the Waterfront would be the perfect new place to call our home.


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Known for its premier lifestyle and luxurious neighborhood, it became clear The Waterfront was the perfect setting for The Winslet. 

The name "The Winslet" was intentionally crafted to incorporate the Abbott Events brand and experience. Following suit with The Harlow and The Bardot--which were modeled after Jean Harlow and Brigitte Bardot--Abbott Events wants to continue this pattern after preeminent english actress, Kate Winslet.

Known for her timeless elegance, beautiful simplicity, & warm disposition, we strive to embody and share these same characteristics with everyone who comes through the front doors of The Winslet.


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What is Abbott Events?

Before The Winslet there was The Abbott, The Bardot, The Harlow and Cherry Hall. Are you curious to know more about The Abbott Events team and how it all began? Visit here to learn more! 


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